Terms and Conditions


This arrangement will be in effect for a period of Sixty (60) months from the date of its formalization and will renew services without interruption automatically for an additional twelve (12) months unless Customer notifies A.S.C. by verifiable written notice Sixty (60) days prior to renewal.

The fee for these Cable services is a as quoted and billed monthly in the amount quoted here to be paid in advance of each month these services are provided.

ACCESS RIGHTS. Owner grants to A.S.C. access to the Property (including the right of ingress and egress to and from the Property), for the purposes of installing, operating, maintaining, removing and/or upgrading all or any portion of the Distribution System and (c) use the Distribution System and Inside Wiring in, on and throughout the Property. “Inside Wiring” refers to the coaxial cable wiring within each building located on the Property, owned or controlled by the Owner, extending from the wall plate(s) within each Unit to the lock boxes, communications closets or similar central distribution facilities where the System Distribution System interconnects with such coaxial cable wiring.


A.S.C. during the entire term here shall provide service, support and maintenance of the distribution System(s) to the Property and in accordance with Attachment B here.

A.S.C. Additions or expansions to the distribution systems requested and accepted by Owner will be billed separately.

The Service, including the content, features and prices may be changed by A.S.C. as described below:

  1. Rates- A.S.C. reserves the right with notice to the customer to change rates to the programming. Rates may increase from time to time due to the station programmers increasing channel rates. Should this happen, A.S.C. will pass this increase on to the customer but not to exceed 10% annually.
  2. Programming- A.S.C. reserves the right to substitute programming and/or content in the event that certain programming is no longer made available by carrier or network or certain programming and rate increases is being negotiated for contract renewal by carrier & networks.

Assignments. This agreement may be assigned by either party with written notification to other party.

The terms of this agreement will be assumed by any purchaser or assigned party. Should either party assign, sell or transfer this agreement, such assigning party shall be relieved from any and all liability herein upon such assignee’s written acceptance.

Attachment B " Extended Warranty and Service Plan"

Definitions and conditions: This agreement provides the Customer with routine preventative service inspection(s) as well as prompt and professional service response for offsite and/or onsite service calls per the “schedule’s, rules and expectations shown herein.

NOTE: Initial service response by A.S.C. to Customer will be by telephone to clarify the nature and scope of service call.

Please call 1-800-983-3333. to reach our staff or service department OR contact us by e-mail at: Service@advancedsat.com a representative will process your service request with a ticket.

Service Calls received Monday through Friday; 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturday; 8:00 am to 2:00 pm EST. will be supported and remedied promptly but no later than the following business day and Covered under this Warranty.

If you are calling AFTER our normal business hours, you will reach our night greeting/attendant. Press "1" to reach our service department. You will be prompted to select from several options:

Many service issues can be resolved with phone support from our technicians, along with cooperation from the client. The client must be on-site and in front of the device or equipment of concern and able to work with us interactively to test certain features and functionality.

Customer agrees to assist A.S.C. if service representative determines a resolution may be accomplished effectively and in a timely manner with the Customer’s cooperation on site without ASC dispatching to site. This cooperative effort to resolve a service issue should not exceed 30 minutes typically and may require remote PC or network connectivity. This approach allows us to immediately resolve or to confirm a functional problem exists and to proceed with scheduling an on-site service call. Respectively, Customers are encouraged to facilitate VPN unattended accessibility to ASC best way within the policies and security measures of its Network administrator. This allows ASC to provide more immediate tech support and resolutions, as well as firmware and software upgrades, reboots etc. based on the features and type of systems being utilized at the facility.

Loaners of equal or similar features will be provided in the event of required off site device repair time or in emergency situations only as available and subject to current stock and availability by ASC or its vendors.

  • Service calls Outside of the stated stated time lines including Sunday and National Holidays will be handled by our 24 Hr. greeting and answering service. With Customers’ acceptance of ASC’s Emergency service rates, calls will be forwarded to on call staff person(s) via text and email messaging. • A return call from an ASC representative will follow within 4-8 hours to assist to remedy the issue.
  • NOTE: On site Service calls or remote support requested outside of the specified schedule will be billed at Time and half (1 ½) Portal to portal + Plus one-hour minimum. Arrival time will govern the fee scheduled for the entire time. ASC will attempt but is not obligated to dispatch to the customer site if it’s determined the Customer is NOT experiencing a 100% outage of system functionality. The repair or replacement of equipment is limited to “the systems Quoted” as part of the covered systems stated herein and included in the fee schedule.

Exclusions: Service and maintenance support to be provided under this Agreement does not include “Inside Wiring” refers to the coaxial, fiber or Ethernet cable wiring, Set top Boxes "AEP"wall plates jumpers, power outlets, TV’s, and other pre-existing devices and infrastructure within each building located on the Property, owned, or controlled by the Owner, repairs, replacement of parts and labor caused by, arising from, related to or made necessary by; a) use of equipment in a manner not recommended by original equipment manufacturer; b) failure to continually provide a suitable installation environment, including but not limited to, surge protection, adequate electrical power, air conditioning or humidity control; c) Customer’s improper use, management, or supervision of covered equipment; d) accident and disaster, including but not limited to, fire, flood, water, wind, or lightening; e) electrical work, devices, cables, etc., external to the equipment; f) the maintenance of accessories, alterations, attachments or other devices not covered by this agreement; g) improper receptacle grounding, improper power line protection; h) other service providers parts and existing distribution infrastructure.

Legacy devices will be deemed end of life when specific devices are no longer manufactured or available or supported by the “OEM” Original equipment manufacturer. If it becomes necessary to replace these devices, the cost will be charged separately and upon Customer’s approval; and will become a part of this service plan.

Service calls requested and are a result of the aforementioned exclusions will incur a service charge in accordance to ASC’s fee Rates, currently $140.00 per hour for calls made Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm EST. In the same manner, Service calls requested outside of the specified schedule will be billed at Time and half (1 ½) Portal to portal + Plus one-hour minimum. Arrival time will govern the fee scheduled for the entire time.

Preventative Maintenance: This agreement also provides support services of the “ Quoted Systems”, with one (1) comprehensive onsite service inspection per year to include: minor maintenance, repair, cleaning, system testing and optimization of signals. The scheduled visit will also cover in-platform software update(s), training, and instruction on the system(s) operation and use when necessary. The visit will culminate with a service ticket resolution order to the Customer on all issues and repairs facilitated during preventative Maintenance visit.

* Dispatch / Onsite service calls will be contingent on environmental conditions, and other limiting factors which may delay arrival to site outside of the aforementioned timelines and expectations of the client as expressed here.

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Regency At Chene

"Dear Advanced Satellite,
I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the ASC-GO LIVE system you installed at our Regency of Chene location. I understand you were contacted by our Life Enrichment Director at Regency at Chene Senior Community asking if there was a way to broadcast live Fitness Exercise routines to our residents during the “Shelter in Room" Covid 19 lockdown on the recently installed DIRECTV HD system. I can't tell you how important it is to keep our residents Fit, engaged, and entertained with live exercise classes, birthday events, or whatever creative ideas we can come up with during these difficult times. The ASC “Go LIVE" System gives us that ability with Crystal Clear audio and Video. Also thank you for including Atmosphere TV at no cost, it is very entertaining and a great addition to our channel lineup. Thank your Team for their quick response and this solution! We look forward to working with ASC to roll GO LIVE out to more Ciena locations."

Kim Lucas, Administrator

University of Michigan Athletics

"I want to thank you and your organization for your excellent work in all areas of our project. Your detailed coverage of our needs and readiness to answer any question that arose allowed me to feel comfortable with the changes that took place. I look forward to our next project in the future!"

Phil Bromley, Senior Media Designer

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

"In 2013 we upgraded our security system at the County Correctional Facility, following bid solicitation and award to A.S.C. Security Systems. The new system has provided more results than expected and your team has been instrumental in assisting our staff with fast, effective resolutions minimizing operational obstacles. Our transition has proven to be vital to our operation and I would not hesitate recommending A.S.C. Security Systems to any law enforcement agency or business considering security system upgrades. Thank you for the excellent service provided."

James B. McDonagh, Jail Administrator/Chief Deputy

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