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Why invest in security for your business, building, etc?

Concern for safety and security is top of mind in today's society. Business owners, managers & public service entities need protection that goes beyond the basics with our cutting-edge solutions designed to detect intruders or monitor employee conduct; we also have tools that will help you protect valuable resources like equipment.

From small businesses to larger corporations, we provide a wide range of security systems that can suit any commercial customer's needs. With our experienced staff and cutting-edge technology, you're guaranteed not only safety but also peace-of mind!

We bring the know-how to make your systems work better by integrating them with our common platform. This technological "edge" ensures greater efficiency and centralized management, maximizing resources while turning them into profit for you!

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Industries Served

We are proud to serve a diverse group of clients. From Hospitals, Municipal Organizations, Schools, and Lodging facilities to Entertainment Organizations, Bars, and Restaurants. Regardless of the size or type of organization, we can meet all your technological needs. We can engineer, design, install, offering first-class customer service.

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Senior Living

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Security products and Services

Let Advanced Satellite Communications provide you with your security needs.

Surveillance System

If you're looking for a reliable surveillance system, we offer high-definition video and intelligent security systems. We can also remotely access your cameras so that they are always on – even when the office is closed! We know how important it is to provide peace of mind as well as safety at work with our commercial monitoring services including installations & repairs of all kinds, especially those who need constant coverage or require fast response times due to an emergency.

Access Control

Our building access control systems seamlessly integrate with remote access security video surveillance systems to give you complete control and oversight of your facility at the touch of a button. Verify employee and visitor identities from any PC using high-quality video streams before allowing them access to specific areas of your building. In the case of an emergency, get real-time images of the area in question and remotely trigger door locks, alarm systems, and more. Protect your assets with powerful HD video that works in any setting, from dark parking garages to brightly lit office environments.

Alarm Systems

A.S.C. Security Systems can provide peace of mind knowing your business is protected with a commercial-rated alarm system, including 24/7 central station monitoring services. From basic perimeter protection, interior motion sensor traps, and glass-break sensors to critical condition monitoring and fire suppression (sprinkler) water flow - we can do it all.


A.S.C. Security Systems offers advanced solutions for streamlining all elements of communication across any size facility. Our facility-wide intercom systems offer a wide range of features for any commercial application to aid in security and productivity.


The technology being used in security cameras is evolving quickly and increased resolution is just one result. A.S.C. maps out security cameras prior to installation using software that shows the level of resolution expected from each camera.

It is possible. Security camera installation is not necessarily limited to a building. We can install the pole itself or work with existing poles to extend the reach of the camera system and view important areas.

Yes, having the alarm connected to your phone can be very convenient and provide assurance that building is secured after hours.

No. Alarm systems can communicate to monitoring centers using cellular communication.

The storage capacity of a camera system varies based on multiple factors. It’s important to identify how long the footage will need to be saved to determine the best recording device or server.

Sure thing! We can install security cameras inside of an elevator car and program an access control system to call the car for authorized users.

Many types of doors can be retrofitted with electronic locking mechanisms so they can work on Access Control Systems. It becomes important to make sure the door functions properly and the locks are installed by certified locksmiths.

Most security cameras are monitored by the owner; however it is possible for the video feed to be monitored by a professionals who can verify events as they are happening and take immediate action to dispatch police.

As it relates to security cameras, video analytics are a combination of hardware and software that allow a system to identify objects and patterns in movement that can alert a user when an event is occurring.  For example, to tell the difference between a car and a person or whether an person has entered a restricted area.

“The Cloud” is a general term for how data is stored.  Access control user databases can be stored in the cloud an make it easier to make changes to the system and reduce the hardware costs.

Yes, even though A.S.C. didn’t install a security system doesn’t mean we won’t service an existing system or incorporate parts into a new system.

We Design and Install Unified Commercial Security Systems in Michigan and the Surrounding Areas!

A.S.C. Security Systems can provide thoughtful design and professional installation for single-facility or enterprise-wide solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial building access control solutions!

Why Advanced Satellite?

As a leader in the industry, A.S.C. is well-positioned to be your complete one-stop multimedia systems integrator. Our goal is to bring tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies to your business today! Whether your needs are big or small, our products and services are customized for your organization.
We are a full-service commercial security and satellite systems integrator offering a diverse group of products and services to a diverse clientele. Our tireless pursuit is to provide our customers with first-class technology solutions that are reliable, tested and cost-effective - allowing them to maximize their organization's resources!

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This is what our customers have to say...

Regency At Chene

"Dear Advanced Satellite,
I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the ASC-GO LIVE system you installed at our Regency of Chene location. I understand you were contacted by our Life Enrichment Director at Regency at Chene Senior Community asking if there was a way to broadcast live Fitness Exercise routines to our residents during the “Shelter in Room" Covid 19 lockdown on the recently installed DIRECTV HD system. I can't tell you how important it is to keep our residents Fit, engaged, and entertained with live exercise classes, birthday events, or whatever creative ideas we can come up with during these difficult times. The ASC “Go LIVE" System gives us that ability with Crystal Clear audio and Video. Also thank you for including Atmosphere TV at no cost, it is very entertaining and a great addition to our channel lineup. Thank your Team for their quick response and this solution! We look forward to working with ASC to roll GO LIVE out to more Ciena locations."

Kim Lucas, Administrator

University of Michigan Athletics

"I want to thank you and your organization for your excellent work in all areas of our project. Your detailed coverage of our needs and readiness to answer any question that arose allowed me to feel comfortable with the changes that took place. I look forward to our next project in the future!"

Phil Bromley, Senior Media Designer

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

"In 2013 we upgraded our security system at the County Correctional Facility, following bid solicitation and award to A.S.C. Security Systems. The new system has provided more results than expected and your team has been instrumental in assisting our staff with fast, effective resolutions minimizing operational obstacles. Our transition has proven to be vital to our operation and I would not hesitate recommending A.S.C. Security Systems to any law enforcement agency or business considering security system upgrades. Thank you for the excellent service provided."

James B. McDonagh, Jail Administrator/Chief Deputy

A.S.C. has designed and installed thousands of systems for over TWENTY-FIVE years!

One of our experienced sales and engineering team will help you understand your options, choose the best equipment for your needs and work within your budget. Contact us today to get more information about our commercial surveillance and security systems offerings and how we can help you secure your commercial facility.