Traverse City MI's Best Commercial Surveillance Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems Traverse City MI - A.S.C.  - SecuritySystem1Advanced Satellite Communications is a leading provider of commercial security alarm and surveillance systems for businesses in the Traverse City MI area. Our tireless pursuit is to provide our customers first-class technology solutions that are reliable, tested and cost effective. We are positioned to serve our clients locally, regionally and nationally and are staffed by industry experts.

Since its inception in 1990, A.S.C. has been one of the largest and most trusted commercial satellite and security systems integrators in the state of Michigan. We are well-staffed by top industry experts specializing in custom design, engineering, installation and service of audio/visual, security camera, alarm, and card access systems. Whether your needs are big or small, our products and services are customized for your organization.

Simple Solutions for Complex Environments

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Senior Communities
  • Retail
  • Police Stations & Jails

Industries and Organizations We Support

Alarm and Building Access Control Systems for Businesses in the Traverse City MI Area

Advanced Satellite Communications provides cutting-edge security solutions to corporations, schools, hotels, bars, restaurants, hospitals and businesses throughout Michigan. Our collective knowledge enables us to employ the resources necessary to integrate your systems to a common platform, resulting in a more cost-effective and centralized system. The experienced staff of engineers and account executives at A.S.C. can customize a security system to meet any or all of your technology needs!

Alarm Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems Traverse City MI - A.S.C.  - hdtvAt A.S.C., our friendly alarm system experts will work with you to develop a customized solution that's designed to fit your needs so you can focus on running your business without having to worry about the threat of intruders. We can provide peace of mind knowing your business is protected with a commercial-rated alarm system, including 24/7 central station monitoring services. From basic perimeter protection, interior motion sensor traps, and glass-break sensors to critical condition monitoring and fire suppression (sprinkler) water flow - we can do it all.

Building Access Control Systems

A.S.C. provides thoughtful design and professional installation for single-facility or enterprise-wide building access control solutions. Our commercial building access controls put you in charge, allowing you to regular access at numerous system controlled entry points.

Commercial Surveillance Systems Traverse City MI - A.S.C.  - keypadOur building access control systems allow you to:

  • Manage and track visitors throughout your facility.
  • Monitor, enforce, and lock down any are remotely from any PC.
  • Call up live video of specific building regions when integrated with CCTV.
  • Monitor alarm conditions such as motion detectors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, and door contacts from a single interface.
  • Generate custom reports of who accessed what areas of your facility and when.
  • Trigger alarm devices based on specific events and conditions.

Commercial Surveillance Systems and CCTV Cameras for Businesses in the Traverse City MI Area

Styles of CCTV Cameras Available:

Commercial Surveillance Systems Traverse City MI - A.S.C.  - 1_AvigilonHDH264DBullet Style Cameras - An affordable camera that offers superior protection. IR LED's provide visibility in situations with zero light, and work especially well in outdoor and/or nighttime settings. The cameras visibility may also be desirable to those seeking security that can easily be seen and noted.

Dome & Micro Dome Cameras - These fixed cameras are noted for their compact size, the ability to appear discreet, and the level of difficulty in determining which way the camera is facing. They have a wide lens angle and come with many options including extended temperature range, vandal resistant housing, indoor/outdoor capability and special features.

Panoramic/Fisheye - An indoor/outdoor camera that offers a 180 or 360-degree view, an area that is much wider than most fixed cameras. This product allows you to capture and view entire scenes in many directions while providing superior detail. Often used in warehouses, concerts halls, museums, ports and parking lots.

LPR (License Plate Reader) - This camera is built to specifically provide/read vehicle license plates. Most can capture these images from vehicles moving at high rates of speed and in both day and night lighting conditions. They are often used in parking structures, parking lots, and toll booth areas, we well as by law enforcement.

IP Cameras

IP cameras provide HD video surveillance, delivering unmatched image quality and exceptional clarity. HD cameras provide a "widescreen" view and therefore may reduce the overall number of cameras needed. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, coverage is much better than the typical 4:3 a standard camera provides.

Our high definition cameras provide footage with 720p or 1080p image resolution and are designed to provide exceptional images that are close up and far away, minimizing blur on fast moving objects. HD cameras provide imagery unlike any other cameras available.

Remote Access Video Integration

Commercial Surveillance Systems Traverse City MI - A.S.C.  - laptopOur building access control systems seamlessly integrate with remote access security video surveillance systems to give you complete control and oversight of your facility at the touch of a button. Verify employee and visitor identities from any PC using high-quality video streams before allowing them access to specific areas of your building. In the case of an emergency, get real-time images of the area in question and remotely trigger door locks, alarm systems, and more. Protect your assets with powerful HD video that works in any setting, from dark parking garages to brightly lit office environments.

Hear directly from our satisfied clients!

"The Livonia Police Department recently utilized A.S.C. to upgrade our existing video surveillance system, from 49 cameras to 100 cameras. We are pleased that the installation process was very timely and professional, with minimal disruptions to our daily operations." Curtis C., Chief of Livonia Police Department

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Michigan Lodging and Tourism
Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Restaurant Association
Livonia Chamber of Commerce
Greektown Casino Hotel
Advanced Satellite Communications, Inc. are excellent in service and support. I have not met anyone in the 20 plus years of being in this business that knows more about systems than this company and their staff. Robert Griffin, Manager, Low Voltage Infrastructure
Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
The new system has provided more results than expected and your team has been instrumental in assisting our staff with fast, effective resolutions minimizing operational obstacles. I would not hesitate recommending Advanced Satellite Communications, Inc. James B. McDonagh, Jail Administrator/Chief Deputy